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Model:  BETTY C

Met Art

Seriously, do I really need to talk about what this tour promises? I mean, the title pretty much speaks for itself this time. Ok here it goes for first timers: Met Art is not an erotic site, Met Art is THE erotic site. This site is to adult entertainment what sugar is to cola. It's been running for over 10 years and it has remained on top of the hill ever since, with high quality artistic nudity and fine photography. So ladies and gents will you please take your seats? We hope that you enjoy the show.

Betty C will make your day with this video. The gorgeous brunette strips naked for your viewing pleasure, then gets into the tub and pours water all over her sexy self. She shamelessly shows off her perky tits, hot firm ass and shaved pussy as she strikes arousing poses for the camera. Enjoy!

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