Insights Into The Big 'O' From Yanks.Com

Insights Into The Big 'O' From Yanks.Com
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If when browsing for erotic material you gravitate towards solo babes, then it's safe to say that female masturbation is your cup of tea and that you've at least heard about before. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, let me elaborate. Yanks, as you have probably guessed, is an erotica website focused mainly on female masturbation; it is in fact one of the best sites on the Net that caters to this particular category in the adult entertainment industry.

What makes Yanks very special and sets it apart from others of its kind boils down to, in my opinion, three main characteristics. First, there's the fact that most of the models in this site are regular, girl-next-door types of all ages and sizes who just want to share themselves and their pleasure with the world. Second, the scenes not only show you these women masturbating, each video also has an interview portion at the beginning where you can get to know these females and really connect to them, making the experience of watching them climax that much more exciting. Third and last but not least, is produced by an entirely female team; this means that you're getting erotic content made by experts on the subject who not only understand a woman's sexuality, but they also have first-hand knowledge and years of experience dealing with and capturing female masturbation on film. That makes one of the few erotica sites that presents its content from a woman's perspective, which in turn makes it even more appealing.

Now that you know what Yanks is all about, it's time to get to the juicy bit of this article. The website has been interviewing and videotaping amateur women pleasuring themselves for over 10 years and as a result, they've managed to gather some very interesting factoids regarding the fairer sex's masturbatory endeavors. They've condensed some of the most fascinating tidbits they've learned over the years and have been kind enough to show them to me so that I can, in turn, present this information to you readers in the form of this article.

Within a group of just over 300 Yanks Girls, the first question asked was “what is the most orgasms you have had in one day?”. Answers varied from 1-3 orgasms to over 25 climaxes in one day. Interestingly, the majority of these gals (100) fell within the medium range of 4-6 orgasms achieved in 24 hs. These same women where then asked what was the shortest time it has taken them to reach orgasm and again, their answers varied from instantly, to over 5 minutes and everything in between.

The folks at Yanks made a couple of nifty graphs to illustrate this, and once they superimposed both graphs (most orgasms in a day plus shortest time to reach orgasm), they reached the fairly intuitive conclusion that generally the less time it takes a woman to reach orgasm, the higher her orgasm per day record is.

Even though fingers and sex toys are the most common tools of self-pleasure, the people at Yanks asked their girls what they used when feeling a bit more adventurous. Over half of the women claimed they have made naughty use of a water source such as a shower head, jacuzzi jet or faucet, 11% of them said that they have orgasmed by riding the seams of their jeans (most of these occasions happen in public), others have experienced orgasms while riding a bicycle, exercising (yoga, rock climbing, or even running), through the vibrations of a running vehicle (such as a car, a motorcycle, a train), and finally 1% of the women mentioned reaching a climax while horseback riding. Considering that some of these methods were obviously happy accidents, with this kind of data it's hard not to conclude that the female orgasm is not as elusive as people tend to believe it is.

Speaking of the female orgasm, a whopping 128 out of 154 Yank Girls claim to be multi-orgasmic and 74% of the women asked said that they always climax after masturbating. These last pieces of information can be easily confirmed while watching Yanks' erotic videos; the models in their scenes are clearly enjoying themselves and really there's nothing more arousing than watching a beautiful woman touching herself while she moans and pants until she finally shudders in orgasmic pleasure.

So there you have it,'s insights into women's orgasms and masturbatory practices. If this fascinating information has made you hunger for more, you should check out their website because it is a very novel experience to watch female masturbation videos made from a woman's perspective.

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