Old Perv New Tricks

Few babysitters will ever look as hot as Davina Davis. This brunette teen is so hot, even the sun gets jealous. She is nothing but gorgeous with tits and ass for days. Not to mention, she just has this sexy youthful glow to go with that hotness. The man who hired her, Mr. James, lovesher babysit for him. Who wouldn’t want this eye candy around the house? She wears Daisy Duke jeans with her sweet ass hanging out of them. This causes Mr. James to ask her to stay overnight because he’s coming home late. This was really a clever ruse by an old perv. He returns home to see her sleeping on the couch with her face down and ass in the air. He can’t help it. This is what he was plotting and waiting for! He takes his opportunity to feel her up and then pokes his finger into her private holes. This jerks her up from her sleep with offended and violated surprise. Mr. James tries to calm her down and asks her if she is interested in more work. She asks what kind and he replies by slamming her hand on his dick. She is surprised and kind of scared as well as disgusted. She is not on board with this, but reluctantly charms his cobra into the upright position. Then she starts sucking his cock and getting naked. This body is just succulent in every way. Mr. James starts to fuck her again, and she is reluctant! He is not though. He gets rough with her and gets his brutal sex fantasy about her into high gear. He is slapping, choking, and enjoying his paid for play teen babysitter in ways he definitely imagined. When he’s done using her pussy as a dick socket, he leave his Mr. James juice in her mouth and all over cheeks and neck.

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06 Jun, 2017
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